Miraflores - Lima Peru - September 2000


A view from the balcony of my hotel. Lima was a surprise for me,
I didn't realize it was a modern city with a population of 9 million.

An unusual building in Lima

Some parts of Lima look just like the USA, and I can tell you from experience
most of the USA looks the same too, no matter where you are.

Some of the "Cliff Houses", parts of the city are very crowded.

They believe in Great breakfasts in Lima. Note: breakfast for one.
The local "coffee" is called cafe con leche (coffee with milk);
but it is a mixture of a very small amount of strong coffee
and a lot of steamed milk. It is the most delicious drink in the world.

Another view from the balcony

There's lots of traffic, and a lot of horn blowing all day long.
It doesn't rain in any measurable amount in Lima, so many buildings,
especially resturants, go open roof.

Chacarilla, one of the beautiful neighborhood parks.

A mountain visible from Chacarilla, cell tower to the right.

Gasoline station. The prices here are in "Sols" which at the time was
equivalent to about 12 cents, but that was for one liter.
BTW Sols are worth 36 cents now, so if I had kept them I would
have made 200% profit!

My last day in Peru, on my birthday, Sept. 22, 2000.
Ciao Peru.

Acapulco, Mexico - January 2001

A view from my hotel balcony in Acapulco

Another view from my hotel balcony in Acapulco

A big breakfast is served in Acapulco too! I just have this thing
about balconies and those fabulous breakfasts.
Breakfast for 2 ;-) Fresh pineapple juice!

A tiny island in the Acapulco Bay

That's me on the balcony again. Right after breakfast of course.
I worked on the cell stations located underneath the towers visible
right above my head in this picture.

Sunset on Alcapulco Bay

Good Bye Acapulco, it was a blast.
Here I have on my goofy tourist hat.
Man! I was skinny then.

Rural Mexico,
Leone and Aguascaliente July 2001

My motel outside of Leone Mexico

A view of the mountain, our destination, from anther motel

Getting closer, looks even bigger now
The ghosts of cheap cigarettes are haunting me still.

Most of the way up, what a view so far

On the way up we met a couple of feral cows, they were not agressive
but not too tame either.
Marlboro Reds (Marl-buuroh rojo) .95 a pack.

Old man on the mountain. Clean cool air.

Almost there. Beautiful!

From the top of the mountain, thats a village down there, in the center
of the picture and another one about 3 miles to the right.
And it's cold! up here, in July.
The End, My Friend

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