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Smart Pills

There once was this little boy who wanted to make some money during his Summer break from school. So he set up a lemonade stand. He sat and he sat, but business was just too slow.

boy at lemonade stand
He had an idea.

He took his meager earnings from the lemonade stand and bought 3 Hershey's chocolate bars. Then he went and got some rabbit turds from under his pet rabbits cage. He melted the chocolate and mixed in the little balls of rabbit dung. And set up another stand.

Smart Pills - $1.00 each

His first customer came along and said: "Hey son, do these really work?" "Yes sir, absolutely, try one, only a dollar".

business man So the guy forked over his dollar bill and with a big smile, he popped one of the smart pills into his mouth.

His smile quickly faded away and turned into a grimace.


The little boy said: "See there, you're getting smarter already!"

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