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The Visigoths

In the mid 4th century the Visigoths (who were only looking to live a better life) were allowed to immigrate to northern Roman territory that was being underutilized.

These unofficial (undocumented) immigrants came by the thousands and thousands and used their extreme fertility to quickly overpopulate and drive out the existing Romans in the north.

They took advantage of all the services available from Rome yet added nothing in return other than supplying a large number of soldiers to be incorporated into the Roman Army and sending a growing number of illegal (under the table) workers to Rome itself. They were doing the work that the Romans wouldn't do themselves (for such low wages) thus displacing many working Roman citizens and the tax revenue they had supplied.

Of course the rich Romans welcomed this new cheap source of labor, and the liberal elite of the time (living the good life, isolated from the real dog eat dog world) thought that everyone deserves a chance at a better life. The only losers were the average middle-class Roman and an ever increasing government debt.

The flood of immigrants and the associated conflicts of morality, custom and culture along with the loss of income for average Romans led to a multitude of problems which eventually causes an economic collapse which in turn brought on a nationwide famine.

The Visigoths in the north demanded that Rome send free grain and supplies. But the Romans refused, it was taking everything they could do to feed their own people.

So what happened?

The Visigoths formally invaded Rome.

Genseric's Sacking of Rome

Rome's army was composed of a large percentage of Visigoths and a multitude of other minority races and nationalities, who were all in constant competition for more reparations for past injustices, more political representation and more special rights and privileges.

"It's all Romey's fault."

Combine that with the fact that Visigoths had a large population living in Rome already, Rome not so surprisingly had no chance of stopping the invasion.

In the year 410 the greatest civilization that had ever existed, the source of knowledge, culture and power, the glue that held the western world together at this point in time, was terminated, never to return.

And the world entered the dark ages.

People who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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