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Some Predictions I made Back In 1998

Originally published in 1998.

Machines will be smarter than people by the year 2020.

I'm not talking about basic calculation, but real intelligence. A brain unencumbered with emotion, prejudice or fear. The gain to the knowledge of mankind will be tremendous.

This intelligence will be able to solve almost all the problems of mankind with a safe, unbiased, fair and impartial judgement of what needs to be done and what is ultimately in the best interest of mankind.

Immortality will be achieved by the year 2100

The ability to transfer all memories and emotions of an individual into a memory bank will be commonplace. The body will no longer be needed, and will in fact be thought of as a "dirty" almost vulgar container of the human psyche.

Robotic receptacles will replace the body, they won't require baths, food, medicine or pain relief. Any and or all memories, thoughts and emotions can be stored and retrieved in a minute fraction of the time that the human brain could possibly do the same.

Every person could back-up their "life" every day and should an accident occur, the back-up would restore the life. The most that could be lost would be a days worth of memories.

Eventually people will prefer living in a sort of Cyber World, where reality consists of anything one wishes.

Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Will Not Be Found Within The Next One Hundred Years

Although intelligent life might in fact have existed or may evolve on other planets, the chance of finding it are very slim. The people of Earth have been sending out radio waves for less than a hundred years now and will probably either progress to something almost unimaginable, or bomb or pollute itself out of existance within 500 years. So one could logically expect the same window of detection for any other life that might exist, and 500 years is a real "needle in the haystack" when you are talking about billions of years.

Another point I have recently thought about is that if other intelligent life forms do exist they would probably already know all about us, and would be doing everything they can do to avoid any possible contact. (Sometimes I know exactly how they feel) ie The more I get to know people, the more I like my dog.

Other Predictions

One-World government by 2050

Bigfoot won't be found

The Loch Ness monster won't be found

Social Security will survive until it is replaced by a better alternative with no real inconveniences

Definite proof of life on other planets (but not intelligent) will be found by 2100

Earth population growth will begin to fall by 2030 and continue to fall for several centuries

Real wars will decrease in numbers to almost zero but terrorism will increase substantially

The lifespan of the human body will increase up to about 150 years of age but not more, see immortality above

These are strictly the opinions of Clint Norwood
Comments and Arguments are Welcome

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