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Road Trip

2 men and 3 dogs left Boise Idaho at approximately 12:30 Am on Friday January 17th 2012.

We drove all night so we didn't see much of Idaho or Utah, a lot of nothing (a reoccuring theme on this trip) and a few city lights here and there.

Friday morning the sun came up and brought a blizzard as a friend.
I love Wyoming in the winter:

After about 1000 miles of this blowing snow storm we finally broke into clear skies somewhere in Nebraska or Kansas.

Nebraska and Kansas look like this:

Or exactly like Wyoming without the snow storm.
A whole lotta nothing.

Here are our dogs:
Deke hidden behind Brewster:

And Lala:

Somewhere along this trip we renamed them, they are now called Gasser, Windbreaker and Blossom.
And to think we had to pay for gas.

Anyway we made it through all the perils of bad weather, noxious fumes, boredom and fatigue and arrived 2,340 miles later in Dothan Alabama at 3:30pm Saturday January 28th.

We drove 39 hours straight, stopping only for food, fuel and potty breaks.
That's an average of 60 miles per hour including the stops.

Thank goodness we are finally home.

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