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Pssst - A Scarey Story

I was working in Mexico with a cell phone company when this story took place.
I ended up spending about 6 months in and around Mexico City overall, 14 days out and 6 days back home in Alabama.

This was only my 2nd or 3rd trip out so I was still a little wary and paranoid, especially with all the stories of kidnapping going on at the time.

On this particular trip I spent most of my time going from cell site to cell site checking on some factory recalls. I really made the grand tour of central Mexico.

This one night I was out in the country, the "boondocks" I would call it. We had been working all day and most of the night. It was around 2am when we finally pulled up to a motel.

The official clerk was already gone for the day but there were several maids still there. So as we normally did when faced with a problem such as this, we flashed some good old American cash and got a great under the table deal on some rooms.

Being the only "gringo" and not yet even poco fluent in Spanish I wasn't real sure what all was said but I could tell there was a little suspicion on the part of the Mexicans I was with. But we took the rooms anyway.

My room was as usual, a "box of chocolates". The furniture was heavy wood and leather, the walls were marble and the whole atmosphere was luxurious.

There was no hot water.

I was exhausted from the long day and night of working, so a cold shower and off to bed.
I laid down and reached over and turned off the lamp next to the bed.

It was dark, pitch dark.

But that was fine with me, just the way I like it.

I was drifting off, almost asleep, when I heard:


My heart stopped.

I strained my hearing, listening for any sound, anything at all.
Am I being attacked? Am I being kidnapped? Will I die?

After a few minutes with absolutely no more sounds I finally calmed down.
Maybe I had just dreamt this up. It was all just my imagination.

Thank God.

So I just laughed at myself and tried to get back to sleep.


Allright! I've had enough. I'll beat the hell out of em with the ashtray on the night table.
I lunged for the ash tray and flipped on the lamp.


Again, all quiet, nothing to see.

I sat on the side of the bed again listening for all I was worth. I went around the room, checked all the doors and windows, under the bed, the closet, the shower.

Nothing. No sign of intrusion anywhere.

I lit a cigarette with trembling hands. Sat back down on the bed.  Tried to decide what to do.


This time I jerked my head around toward the sound.
And it was.....

Up on the wall, behind the bed, an air freshener that automatically sprays every 10 minutes.

And that's how I aged 5 years in one night.

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