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Predictions For 2014 And Beyond

My predictions for 2014

♦ More divisive politics
♦ No relief for unemployment
♦ Minor recovery status is maintained
♦ America becomes engaged in at least one more mini-war
♦ Obamacare collapses, single payer plan is being fought over

For between now and 2025

♦ Minimum wage raised several times
♦ Chronic unemployment with no foreseeable solution
♦ Robotics use explodes
♦ 3D printing revolutionizes manufacturing
♦ Welfare/Assistance grows exponentially
♦ Import taxation practically replaces income tax
♦ Income tax is only for those making $100,000 or more (today's dollars)
♦ Rampant inflation
Trillion dollar coin or something similar has been minted
♦ Retirement age is first raised then lowered to combat unemployment
♦ California seceded, became part of Mexico
♦ Loss of California causes a major political swing to the right in the remaining states
♦ States take over immigration enforcement
♦ Southern and Western States are on the verge of secession
♦ Every major city has went bankrupt at least once
♦ Disastrous attempt to confiscate firearms leads to reaffirmed gun ownership rights
♦ Education responsibility is turned back over to the states
♦ Marijuana use is federally legalized but legalization status remains in states jurisdiction
♦ Over 50% of states legalize marijuana 
♦ Cursive writing is no longer taught in school
♦ Attempted implementation of Sharia law causes a massive backlash and is constitutionally forbidden
♦ Toll road use explodes
♦ Desktop computers in the home are replaced by smart TVs
♦ Smart TVs, phones and computers are voice controlled
♦ Desktop computers in business are replaced by server terminals
♦ Cable TV has died, subscription internet TV is the norm
♦ Explosion in popularity of flea-markets and 2nd hand shops (to avoid import taxes and/or value added tax)
♦ Women make up 60% of the workforce
♦ Marriage rate declines sharply
♦ Birth rate in the US falls well below replacement levels
♦ Effective age reversal treatment becomes mainstream
♦ Vaccination resistant diseases grow exponentially, high death toll
♦ Many large urban areas are abandoned
♦ Libertarian party becomes number 2 political party in the USA

January 9, 2014

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