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Our Amazing Tech Future

My take on the tech future.

At the cutting edge right now is the simple no batteries theater type eyeglasses 3D. The newest cell phones are coming out with a no-glasses required 3D, so it is only a matter of time (not long at all) before we will have 3D TVs and computers without the need
for glasses.

The next logical step will be holography.

How long before that becomes mainstream?

Cell phones and tablet PCs are just about at the point where they can't get any smaller and still be functional. There's nowhere for them to go.

My bet is that before holographic video becomes popular it will be superseded by personal video glasses.

Envision a pair of cool stylish glasses with ear buds that will be your TV, your computer, your phone, your gaming system and your personal assistant.

But how long will we be satisfied with that?

What's the next step?

Brain implants and virtual reality.

Not only will you have visual and auditory capabilities, but the senses of touch, smell and taste will be presented.

It is my guess that people will be very adaptive to virtual reality at this point.

Virtual reality will be a much happier place. The world will be a much better place.

With the general acceptance of VR will come a massive reversal on the growth of consumption of the earths resources.

The possibilities of these advancements boggle the mind.

It will be scary for a lot of people. But it is coming.

I'll be elaborating more on this rosy outlook in upcoming posts.

The future is going to be so fantastic.

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