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My Favorite Freeware

I want my software to do it's job fast and efficiently and not cause conflicts and problems.

I don't want it to start up with windows, I don't want it to constantly look on the internet for updates when I'm not using it.

Most, if not all, of my favorite software will fit that criteria. And I nearly always try to find a freeware equivalent over overpriced bloatware.


Here are some of my very favorite programs:

Image Viewing And Basic Editing: Irfanview

This is the only viewer you will need, it is fast, easy to learn and free.

Virus Prevention And Cure: Microsoft Security Essentials

A very good virus detection and prevention program. Free. Unobtrusively keeps itself updated and causes no problems. Highly recommended.

CD Writing: CDBurnerXP

Another free program that does what it does well. Fast, efficient, easy to learn and reliable.
This is the only program you will need to write CDs and/or data DVDs.

Zip, Archiver: PeaZip

PeaZip can create and open just about any compressed file you will find. It does it's job fast and accurately. This is the only zip program you will need, it does it all. Freeware too!

Video Converter: FreeMake

Handles all file types. It's free and works great

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