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Love Is In The Air

I was sitting in my 1950s style dining room chair. It's a tan plastique and chrome chair that I rescued from the warehouse at work. I sawed off 3 inches on all the legs so it sits closer to the floor. My son says it's the most comfortable chair he has ever sat in and I agree.

Da Chair

Anyway as I said, I was sitting in my comfortable chair in my garage, slash workshop, slash smoking pavilion, where I admire all my tools and machinery and make plans to build some stuff one of these days, when I noticed two house flies doing a sort of flying dance. I suppose they were having house fly sex. They circled each other, bumped in mid air a few times and made a lot of noise.

This made me think about how amazing nature really is. Here are these two flies so intensely involved in their own little lives, completely oblivious to everything else. All the other flies were trying to ignore them, or at least trying to appear to ignore them. It's a privacy thing you know.

I wondered how long these two love birds had been together. I imagined them spending the last few days together which is probably equivalent to at least fifty years in a fly's life. All this time and they still love each other. How happy, what an inspiration.

Anyway they finally tired of their romancing and decided to spend some down time on the workbench near my chair. I got a close up view of their interaction. They were rubbing their little hands together reminiscing about their time together, how the world had changed since they first met, and making plans for the future and everything.

I take heart in the knowledge that they were so engrossed in romantic conversational intercourse that they didn't have any idea what happened when the fly flap hit them both at the same time. (Yep, that's right, I got a twofer)

Isn't it heart warming, all those fly years together and they died within nanoseconds of each other.

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