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A Visit From A Long Lost Friend

Hey Buffy! Is that you?

Yes, it's me.

How are you here? Where are we?

I think we are in your dream.

How have you been? Where have you been?

I mostly sleep. I have always loved my sleep. I wake up when you think about me.

I think about you almost every day. I miss you so much.

I know you do. I'm always here though, just a thought away. I don't want you to grieve so much. I always wanted to make you happy, never sad. Try to remember more of our happy days.

I will try to do that from now on. I sat with you and held you the whole night before. But I still feel so bad about your last day.

I know you do. You relive it so much. But I understand. I was blind, deaf and sick. You did what was needed.

But you were fighting so hard. You wanted to live.

We all want to live. It's just natural. But I am much better here. I feel no pain. And I have a lot of happy memories.

It was a hard decision, but you were hurting so much.

I know, I saw you crying. I know you love me. And you know I love you.

Was it painful? Did it hurt you?

Yes, but it was quick and then I stopped hurting. I saw you as you walked away. I felt so bad for you. What will you ever do without me?

I will always miss you.

I know. But I am glad you have found another. She is very happy with you, and she brings happiness to your heart.

But I still think about you, every day.

I hope you always do. It makes me live again. I must go now. Please try to remember the good times, OK? When you think of me think of joy and happiness, never sadness.

I will Buffy, I promise. You were the best dog a man could ever have.

Buffy RIP July 7, 2007

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