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Don't Text Me Bro

Maybe it's because I'm old. I just don't get it.
Why do people text each other?

I want to use this blog post to make a ground shaking announcement. An app is available for smart phones that will allow you to actually talk to your friends. No more hunting and pecking, no more misspelled words or embarrassing auto-correct accidents.

With this new app all you have to do is type in a number that is assigned to your friends or family. They will hear an audible alarm or tone that will alert them that you want to talk. They can then press an answering button and... get ready for this... you can talk to them as if they were in the same room.

I know it's hard to believe this new technology, but it's real.
Try it today, I'm sure it's already built in to your device.

Due to the ease of use and convenience of this new app I will no longer take text messages, it's old technology, get with it man!

Talk to me, don't text me bro.

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