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Surprise! You Have Cancer, Part 3

I made it through my first day of chemo therapy.

I had been dreading this day. I have illogically felt like once this chemo starts it is my new reality, it is the point of no return, that things will never be normal again.

I feel much relieved after this first day.

So far I haven't gotten sick (nauseated). I have a mild case of the squirts and I'm peeing every 10 minutes. I'm a little addled and weak, trembling. My hair will begin falling out pretty soon and I'm wearing a portable chemo injector pack. I also have a terrible case of the "poor me" syndrome.

But other than that I'm just peachy ;-).

My chemo power port that was installed last month works well for IV injection but it clogs up on ejection, IE they can't take blood samples through it. Hopefully, in the coming days, it will unclog.

I had to go through a procedure to diagnose the clogging. I can't in my present state describe it very well. I'll try to add another page to my Surprise, You Have Cancer series on my website. I'll update the status about this too.

At the end of page 2 on my series, I stated that the liver cancer was negative. I was wrong. The news was so good I couldn't wait to verify it before blabbing it out for everyone to see.

But I was accidentally informed that the liver cancer was benign, by my family doctor, she had read the wrong biopsy (the first one), the 2nd biopsy on the remainder of the 7 tumors was positive for stage IV liver cancer.
Big bummer.
The nurses are once again fantastic. I'm always amazed by their professionalism, their ability, their altruism, and patience. I do believe they are the best people in the world.

Once again thanks for all the well wishes and prayers I believe the positive vibes really do help.

And I'd like to publically thank my wonderful wife who has been by my side night and day through this whole ordeal. She's the best.
She picked me up and talked me back a couple of times when it got so bad I didn't think I could take it anymore.

And thank you to all my friends and family. They say a man's wealth is known by how his friends and family come to him when he is in need. I have found that I am a lot richer than I ever thought.

Hmm, this facebook post has gotten long enough to use as page 3. :-)

Maybe I have found the cure for writers block, acute fatigue. Next time I need some inspiration I will run around the house 20 times and then hit myself in the head with a hammer. I bet the words will jump on the page.

Continued - Part 4

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