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The News

Posted on - May 14, 2016
Some Minor Changes

This has been a pretty grueling process. I'm trying to get the news posts urls to be the title instead of the id number.

It's much more informative and better for google and other search engines to pick up.

Posted on - May 11, 2016
The News

Change of heart, I am going to use this as a news script.

I can post upcoming articles, site changes and any other relevant news that comes up.

On that note I am working on a pretty sizable article about a Trip To The Zoo. I took a ton of pictures so it should be interesting.

I have greatly simplified the site's overall code. It should load a lot faster. Being a minimalist at heart I like it like this anyway.

Fast, clean and easy to use.

Till next time...

Posted on - May 8, 2016
What's Up?

I think I'm going to turn the "blog" into a "What's Up" section. It will be a sort of what's happening now, what I'm thinking today, what's new and what's on my mind.

I already have the articles section for longer thoughts, writings and etc. So I think this would be a better use for the easy access blog script.

Today is Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day Mama!
I love you!

Posted on - May 5, 2016
Blog Goes Live

After a lot of work and even more tweaking the blog script is finally live.

I'll be using the blog mainly for short and sweet posts that don't warrant a whole article. Similar to a tweet I suppose.

Contact me on facebook if you have any comments.

Posted on - May 3, 2016
Working on the blog script

I have probably 10 to 12 hours of work total that I have spent working on this blog script from scratch.

It's not really finished yet, probably never will be. I like to tinker.

But I think it's presentable and any more tweaks and changes will not affect the blog posts.

I guess I could have just used wordpress or something like it but I have always preferred to do it myself.

Won't be as many bell and whistles but it works well, it's fast and I have full control over all of it.

Till next time...

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