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The News

Posted on - December 23, 2016
Website Changes And Additions

Added an article about a funny thing that happened to me while working in Mexico.

Hero For A Day

Changed The Life Hacks And Tips album to a better format

And I cleaned up and streamlined the list of Articles And Writings

Posted on - December 13, 2016
Added Content

Today I added another article and a new hopefully funny picture album.

New article:
Snow Storms And Fathers

New Photo Album:
The Visual Dictionary

Posted on - November 24, 2016
Site Update

Today I added 2 new articles.

The first is my 6th installment of "Surprise You Have Cancer"
Surprise You Have Cancer Part 6

The 2nd is an article about a special meeting with a long lost friend
A Visit From A Long Lost Friend

Posted on - September 29, 2016
Surprise! You Have Cancer, Part 5

Cancer is a monster. Cancer is unfair. Cancer is deadly. Cancer leaves wives without husbands, husbands without wives, children without a parent, and parents without a child.

Cancer can take your brother or sister, or even your best friend.

Link to article

Posted on - August 4, 2016
Surprise! You Have Cancer, Part 2

At around 8pm I feel a bowel movement coming on. At just this exact moment a nurse comes in for a blood pressure and temperature check.

Link To Article

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