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The News

Posted on - May 17, 2017
New Server

We have moved to a new server. There may possibly be some quirks and errors, if you do run across something please let me know.

I have added an update to my running Cancer Blog.
Surprise! You Have Cancer, Part 8

I have some even more recent good news that I will be adding soon.

Posted on - April 27, 2017
New Funny Story

A surprise ending to a trip to the dentist:

Strangers Are Strange

Minor site navigation changes.

Please do like and share my web pages.

Posted on - March 8, 2017
Another Joke Page and a small update.

Added a new joke page - More Funny Oneliners

Updated and a whole new look to my About Me page

Posted on - February 27, 2017
Added 3 New Articles

Three new joke pages are now online.

Funny Shorts -  One Liner Jokes
Slightly Longer Shorts - More Jokes
Slightly Dirty Shorts - You So Nasty

Made a few minor adjustments to the look and feel of the website.
Let me know if you like them.

Posted on - February 15, 2017
Cancer Story Update

Surprise! You Have Cancer, Part 7

Hopefully this will be lucky seven.

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