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About Clint Norwood

I'm from Southeast Alabama, a father of two sons and a grandfather of a beautiful little granddaughter and a fine new grandson!
I have BS degrees from Troy University (formerly Troy State University) in History, Economics and Psychology.

I am currently a semi retired project manager for a small business and a part time web developer. I have been lucky to have had some previous jobs that have allowed me travel throughout the United States and to Mexico and Peru. I was in the U.S. Air Force in the mid 70's.

I love genealogy. Some great websites for genealogy information and research are: WikiTree a completely free site,, a pay site but well worth it, and Family Search a free service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have made over 4,600 contributions to Wikitree.

I used to be heavily into Tropical Fish.
I wrote many articles for PetFish.Net and TinyTanks4U.Com. I am just coming off a 10 year hiatus. I now have 8 tanks. I prefer small aquariums and I have no tanks larger than 10 gallons. I also like to concentrate on tiny fish such as Guppies, Endlers, Danios and dwarf shrimp.

I love computers, the internet and anything technical.
Some of my favorites sites are: a freeware site that has been around for a long time. I am a lifetime member. GizMag which has up to date info about all things technical. MakeUseOf which has many articles about computers, the internet, gadgets of all kinds and life in general. MajorGeeks.Com which has software downloads, up to date info on the software scene and concentrates on security. And and LifeHack.Org both of which have in addition to tech info a lot of info for life in modern times.

I am a cancer survivor, for now anyway ;-). In July of 2016 I was diagnosed with colon cancer and a further MRI revealed it had spread to my liver. I have written a sort of Cancer Mini - Blog if you are interested in reading about it.

Do You Need A Website?
I would be happy to build it for you. I can almost guarantee you'll save money with me.

I am proficient in HTML, PHP, MySQL and Webmastering.
I am good with JavaScript, CGI, Web Design and graphic design.

Some examples of my work are here at ClintNorwood.Com, where as with all of my websites I designed the website, wrote the HTML, Mysql and PHP. I wrote the genealogy script from scratch.

Other websites I have created are:
PetFish.Net for which I wrote the CMS scripts for the articles and reviews, And

I create my own graphics whenever possible. I can create just about any web presence you may need, Contact Me if you'd like a quote. If it's for a good cause I will really cut you a deal.


The postcard image on my contact page is from, great images and inspiration.

Much of the css I have learned came from studying the tutorials at, a fantastic resource.

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imageAbout Clint Norwood:

Living the good life in Southeast Alabama, father, grandfather, cancer survivor, part-time writer, and webmaster - Read More

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