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Posted on - May 17, 2017
New Server

We have moved to a new server. There may possibly be some quirks and errors, if you do run across something please let me know.

I have added an update to my running Cancer Blog.
Surprise! You Have Cancer, Part 8

I have some even more recent good news that I will be adding soon.

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I just write when I feel the need. Sometimes I can't help myself and they come in bunches, sometimes nothing for months.

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These websites represent my passions.



The premier Pet Fish website. Started in 1996. Massive amount of articles covering species profiles, care sheets, aquarium keeping, fish disease and health.


TinyTanks is all about tiny aquariums and the fish that do well in such an environment. The site includes the basics, fish profiles, plant profiles and FAQ.



MyDaddyBase is a genealogical database script I wrote to keep up with my own genealogical studies. It is a database of my ancestors with biographical profiles, family trees and more.

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